Saturday, September 10, 2011

Don't Prove..Improve!

Recently my husband subscribed a monthly magazine named "Outdoor Photographer".A magazine I would recommend other photographers to read.It has more useful info on equipments,photography techniques and educative interviews.

In the magazine of June 2011 I came across the topic "Don't Prove..Improve" which had a interesting thought which I wanna share with you.

"I've watched countless photographers waste countless hours trying to prove themselves to others rather than spending those same hours improving their technique and sharpening their eye.You can get better a lot faster by focussing on improving rather than proving.You learn far more by sharing than by hoarding.When we shoot from our own unique vision there's no reason to "prove" ourselves.To whom?We're the only person on the planet who can do what we do,see as we see.Fastest way to learn is to trust and share rather than compete"

This was an interview given by Dewitt Jones.


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